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Yes, you betcha better fosho dang believe it! Cyber City just upgraded AGAIN. Say hello to my little friend, the ZOWIE GEAR Celeritas Professional Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

With authentic Cherry MX brown switches; Enjoy full anti-ghosting, the fastest mechanical keyboard response time in the world (0.2 seconds), all enclosed in a ridiculous 18K gold plating. Now available on all our stations. Only at Cyber City LAN Center.

Come Play. Bring Friends. And Make New Ones.
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— at Cyber City Lan Center.

Time is running out to sign up for our $500.00 League of Legends Summoner’s Rift 5v5 Live Tournament. Last day to register for the tournament is tomorrow Tuesday 23rd at 10:00pm. Don’t miss out on the fun and the chance to earn some great prizes!

Come Play. Bring Friends. And Make New Ones.
— at Cyber City Lan Center.

Calling all League of Legends Summoners! You are invited to participate in our $500.00 League of Legends Summoner’s Rift Live Tournament here at Cyber City LAN Center! The Tournament will be open to any team level and will be held on Saturday, September 27. Time will be announced.


- Now open until September 23rd.
- Register your team name including the names of your team members (no subs) in-person or by e-mail to
- $20 per person, or $100 per team.
- Payment must be received by registration deadline date in-person or through PayPal: (include your team name in notes section).


- First Place: $500.00 cash, (5) Triumphant Ryze Skins,
(5) Riot Graves Skins, (5) Arcade Hecarim Skins, (5) Riot Blitzcrank Skins, (5) Arcade Sona Skins, and (5) $20 Riot Points.
- Second Place: (5) $15 Riot Points, (5) choice of one: Riot Graves Skin, Arcade Hecarim Skin and Riot Blitzcrank Skin, or Arcade Sona Skin.
- Third Place: (5) $10 Riot Points, (5) 3 hours of free play into your Cyber City account.
- Fourth Place: (5) $5 Riot Points.


- Two League of Legends meet-ups will take place on September 19th and 20th.
- All single, double, or triple LoL players are welcome to come to the meet-up and find others to team-up and practice.
- Solo Players are encouraged to find a team at this time.


- 1st round is Single Elimination.
- Semi-finals and Finals will be Best of 3 games.
- No time limit on all games.
- The tournament bracket will be posted on our Facebook page on September 25th.

Come Play. Bring Friends. And Make New Ones.
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— at Cyber City Lan Center.

Alright Cyber City-zens (you see what we did there? roflcopter); We want to introduce a brand new menu and discounted pricing for all of our loyal existing Cyber City members and new soon-to-be Cyber City companions. Check out the 5-pack that never expires for $12.00, and the one-week or one-month pass. Bam! Now if you Come Play. Sleep. You Can Just Play More Forever. Just kidding;
Come Play. Bring Friends. And Make New Ones. Only
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— at Cyber City Lan Center.

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